Monday, April 27, 2009

Our First Craft Show!

Whew.... What a weekend! We attended our first craft show on Saturday and boy was it a success! Our morning started out at 5am, yes thats right 5am! I loaded the truck the night before with all of my candles,tables and everything else that we took along to make the morning much easier!!

The show was a huge success!!! We made some money, gave out business cards and flyers, and got to meet some great people! I couldn't have asked for a better first craft show experience!

Yep, that's me!! The Candle Maker, Marie Bressler

We are now gearing up for our next events! Please stay tuned because It's going to be big!! We've got a lot of inventory and wide selection of scents to fancy any ones sniffer!

To see more pictures from our show please check out

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agoodwitchtoo said...

I am so glad to hear that your first show went well!