Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Farmer's Market has Kicked Off!

The Farmer's Market kicked off on June 18th! I know I'm a bit late posting, but I've been super busy with making candles to keep up with the demand of the market! On Thursday Wayne and I both were very surprised by the turnout! People were coming by and picking up baked goods, produce and my soy candles! It was great to be out and meet some great local people! We took our full selection of candles, meaning holiday scents along with every other scent I have in stock! I'm glad that we took the holiday stuff along! We sold several holiday scented candles!!

Here's a picture of our banner that we bought from Vista Print! Wayne of course did the graphics for this AWESOME banner! I'm very proud that he's willing and capable of doing all the web and graphic stuff for me! I would be so lost without him!

It's been two weeks since the market started and we're still going strong! I'm amazed that after every market I come home and have to make more candles for the next market day! Wayne and I set a goal everyday and we normally triple that goal! I'm very happy with the positive feedback from my local customers! Everyone loved that I use soy wax and that I have a lot to choose from!

Last but not least here is a pic of me working on getting the setup just right!

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