Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Busy day of making candles!

Today I make 9 candles! I made 7 Candy Cane and 2 Sugar Cookie. On a normal day I can make around 15 to 30, but when making the candy cane ones you have to wait for one layer to dry in order to get the candy stripes. This is very time consuming and it took almost all day to finish them. Of course my days aren't just spent making candles, I take care of my daughter and our boxer puppy Jax. Yes, I have my hands full!

Last night I made 3 Lavender, 4 Waterfall Mist and 5 Baby Powder. Please check out my website! http://www.skylinecandle.com/ It will redirect you to my Etsy page! (Our website is under construction)

Here are a few of my new scents!

Baby Powder

Waterfall Mist


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glutenfreegirl said...

Too bad blogs aren't scratch and sniff! :)