Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Skyline Candle Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I've been making and selling my candles for about a year now. I belong to the Cafe Mom Etsy Team and I have my own website. My name is Marie and I am married and have a wonderful daughter named Emily. I have always been interested in making candles and my husband bought me a candle making kit for my birthday a year ago. We both played with different ideas and I found that I was really good at making them.
Not long after I had been making candles and giving them out to friends, family and enjoying them in my own home my husband set me up a website to sell my new creations. In June on 2007 we found out that I was pregnant with our first child and I was no longer able to work my Monday-Friday job due to the morning sickness. I stayed at home and when I had enough energy I would make candles and do research about different products. Needless to say my candle making time became few and far between the further along into my pregnancy.
After I had Emily in February I took on my new task as a mommy and rarely ever made candles until she was about 2 months old. I had this urge to make candles and have a successful go at it. Now here we are in November and I have sold well over 500 candles this year. Ok that doesn't seem like a lot but for someone who does as a side business that's been only selling candles since May of this year that is really good!
I've done two weddings making their favors and both turned out to be a huge success for me and the two newly married couples. I love what I do and hope that I can continue to make this grow into a successful business that will keep me busy and make me some extra money!

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